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Briony Geekie D.C. Animal Chiropractor From a young age I have always adored animals. I was fortunate enough to study at the renowned Welsh Institute of Chiropractic where I qualified to treat humans, which was the pre-requisite to becoming an animal chiropractor. The animal chiropractic passion was a little more long standing after being involved with chiropractors treating injured horses. I developed a fascination for how they treated the animals and the incredible results I witnessed. It was during this period, I knew which direction my career was heading. I enrolled on the International Academy of Veterinary Chiropractic course, where I learnt about the world of animal chiropractic and all it had to offer. I specialize in a number of animal chiropractic based skills primarily assessing spinal pain, lameness, poor performance and other acute and chronic issues in the quadruped. I cover all equine and canine chiropractic and rehabilitation issues. I have had a number of successful cases. Freddie the German pointer who was sadly hit by a car, the damage was so significant that vets were considering amputating his leg, with patience and hard work he is now a fully active pointer running round on four legs. Also, Whitney the Hanoverian whose traumatic young life had led to many behavioral issues, which transformed with a few chiropractic sessions. She is now living a more peaceful life and is much loved by her family. My favourite part of treating animals is the recognition I get from them after just a few visits, the excitement yet relaxation as they know I am helping them, but most of all the look on their owners face when they tell me they have their old friend back. "Amber is an eleven and half year old Irish Terrier who has been running with a pack of whippets since she was 18 months old. This has meant that she has kept great fittness, that is until this year when she began to 'go lame' both on her left fore and her back right. She also appeared to be 'not quite straight'. Now, however she is as right as rain! thanks to you;in fact after you have treated her she is like a 3 1/2 year old and long may it remain so. The most important thing is that she so loves you treating her and (as you know) she is so glad to see you where ever and when ever she does." Judith Taylor, Reading Berkshire